DDoS Attacks Amplify Ongoing Battles

Last Friday’s attacks on the foundations of the internet demonstrate that security continues to be a war with new and ongoing battles, not just a one-click solution. Global DNS provider Dyn was attacked several times this week, bringing down Amazon, Twitter, and Spotify for several hours at a time. While temporary outages of major sites […]

7 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Mobile App

Have you considered that a mobile app might be the first time that a customer interacts with your brand? We all know that mobile devices are ubiquitous. For most of us, our mobile phone is our only phone and for some, the mobile phone is the only device. More than ever, your brand is being […]

Navigating the Digital Business Era

Four Key Strategies for Navigating the Digital Business Era Today, operating a business without technology is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. During the past few years, major corporations have been increasingly capitalizing on the four major waves of technology that are driving innovation: Social, Mobile, Analytics and the Cloud. With this shift comes […]

Native app vs Web app; which choice is best for your organization?

“Should we build a native app or a mobile web app?”, is typically the first question asked when starting the journey into mobile application development. This overview is dedicated to helping you answer that question. Let’s take a look at your choices.    Pure Native Applications This method of development is built specifically for a […]

What Makes a Good Custom Software Developer?

A great software development company starts with its people. These attributes are general qualities, rather than technical qualifications, that in my years of experience, lead to successful software development. This is primarily written from a consulting perspective—an alternate title for this post might be “What makes a good consultant?” but the concepts should apply to […]

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