Rick the Robot – Custom Alexa Skill

Rick the Robot – Custom Alexa Skill

Custom Alexa Skill - Rick the Robot

Need a quick break from tackling the worlds problems? Enable our Custom Alexa skill: Guess the Number.

Rick the Robot - Custom Alexa Skill

The premise is simple: Battle Rick the Robot in a numerical guessing game! Rick the Robot will pick a number from 1-317, and you guess it in as few tries as possible. Guess the number quickly, and Rick the Robot will be disappointed in his selection. But take too long, and Rick just might ask you to give up.

Why Guess the Number? It’s easy, it’s mindless, and it’s fun.

Really, though, why? Well, it’s an easy way for us to show clients the next wave of custom software development through Alexa’s technology.

The technology curve is bending towards conversational UX, meaning customers are literally interacting with technology by talking to it. Now more than ever, these interactions are happening in the connected or “smart” home through devices like the Amazon Echo and Alexa.

To the regular non-developer person, a command like, “Alexa, open Guess the Number” might not seem like such a big deal. But as an emerging technology without many developers in the space, we at Level Up Development can’t stop playing.

So how many tries will it take you to read Rick the Robot’s mind? Download Guess the Number for Alexa today for free and find out.

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