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Experience Design (UI/UX)

Level Up Development'sStrategy & Design Separator

Experience Design (UI/UX) is an essential component for unlocking & implementing new value for your internal and external customers.

Experience Design (UI/UX)

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

Level Up Development’s Experience Design (UI/UX) services provide tactical guidance to:

  • build your customer experience
  • discover & prototype new product or service offerings
  • discover new ways of working & test through Proof of Concepts
  • create a Product Roadmap
  • improve exsisting services and – or applications
  • increase digital sales.

Design-Thinking Understanding Audience

A Level Up Development Success Story: Product Development

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Case Study: Modernizing the ISDA through Audience Driven Design and Development

From 3 systems totaling over 250+ screens to one unified system with experiences tailored to the role.

Our systems were cumbersome and disconnected. Staff had to do everything on paper first and then go into the system and do it all again. We had lots of manual workarounds and repetitive steps. It was just too time-intensive.

Senior Management

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Sample of Custom Web Application

How do we get you there?

We employ the double-diamond approach to Design-Thinking.

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

Lev Up Design-Thinking Double Diamond

Phase 1 – Designing for the right thing.

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

  • Build Characters

  • Identify who is affected

  • What is their problem

  • Understand why they do what they do

  • Create a shared perspective

Phase one of the double diamond

Design Things for the Right Purpose

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

  • Iterate Ideas

  • Create a Prototype

  • Validate Concepts with Audience

  • Iterate Ideas with Potential Users

  • Finalize Artifacts for Build

LUD DT Double Diamond Phase 2

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