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Best of Tech Services Nominee Level Up Development 2015

Custom software solutions can protect your competitive edge.

With Level Up Development as your custom software development services partner, you’ll be equipped to conquer any business challenge.

We use “partner” intentionally. We’re not just a vendor. We are a software development company committed to moving you closer to success as you define it.

We are dedicated to being the business partner you tell your friends about. We pledge:
  • clear and responsive communication of our daily and weekly progress, so you’ll know your project is on schedule and moving in the right direction.
  • continuous research of new technologies and methodologies, and the willingness to implement them immediately if they’ll benefit your project.
  • a design customized to you. No framework refactoring to add something as simple as a form here. Our design will support your budget now and through support.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Our recipe for successful custom software solutions:
Communication, People and Technology

Communication is at the heart of any custom software solution that will truly meet your needs.

Great communication requires balance: enough to keep you up-to-date, while not so much that it breeds confusion and missed deadlines. Level Up Development created a variation of the Agile Project Management Process to ensure transparency even when we’re not talking with you directly.

The three-pronged platform offers the best features of texting and a bulletin board all in one. And just because we’re techy doesn’t mean we don’t like the old-fashioned phone. A conversation is still the best way to hash out complicated objectives.

Reaching us is convenient for you, because we’re on East Coast time! That means you can talk to your custom software development team on your schedule.

People. We love what we do because of you.

Each of us has been passionate about technology long before entering the field. We’re fascinated by everything from frameworks to devices that can display messages on hangers. We use that passion to push each other to develop the most inventive solutions for every custom project we create. At Level Up Development, we always go the extra mile because our team is an extension of yours.

Technology. The wrong technology choice can affect a project’s delivery and long-term maintainability.

The worst that can happen when trying to grow your vision is to find that your outsourced IT team didn’t use standard Object-Oriented Principles or Software Design Patterns when constructing your code. These practices can lead to significant scalability, maintenance and security issues. Level Up Development’s process ensures flexibility, responsiveness and quality results.

Innovative problem-solving, communication, custom processes and an unwavering focus on your core business goals all define Level Up Development as among the best in the industry. Yet it’s ultimately how we deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. These case studies show how we achieve these results with some of the best companies in the industry.


 Case Study: Navistar

It’s a tendency of technical people, myself included, to decide what the solution is as soon as you start talking about a problem. Level Up Development can block all that out and listen to what your problem is, ask all the right questions and truly understand what the problem is before they try to fix it.


 Case Study: Salesforce

In the middle of development, things happen. It’s a normal part of every project life cycle. So it’s important to have good collaboration as a team, and we have that. I’m really looking forward to working with Level Up in the future.

Advantage Health Solutions

 Case Study: Advantage Health Solutions

I never worry when [Level Up Development is] working on something for us. I know it’ll be right and get done on time.