Redux with React – a beautiful couple.

The beauty of using a framework like React is the reusability of its components. This makes React a great choice when you need a UI that is capable of changing certain aspects dynamically, while still re-using components across the application… a few examples would be buttons, form elements, re-used layout components, and anything else you […]

How We Can Use Technology to Mitigate the Lawn Care Labor Crisis.

This post is part 2 of a 6-part series: “A Response to Mower Technology Trends within Outdoor Power Equipment” In our last post “What is the Most Critical Component for Improving Outdoor Power Equipment,” we discussed how audience-centric design & strategy is a critical component for driving technological improvements in Outdoor Power Equipment. In this […]

A Response to Mower Technology Trends within Outdoor Power Equipment [Series]

Level Up Development’s, Alyn Brown, Vice President of Connected Devices, joined editor Lynn Woolf in a recent episode to discuss the future of mower technology and other trends within the outdoor power equipment industry. Over the coming weeks, we’ll shed some additional light on some pressing. For the first post in our series, we discuss […]

Level Up Development Judges @ Culver’s “The Next Launch” Competition.

Level Up Development was pleased to send Alyn Brown, VP of Connected Devices, and Karine Jannetta, Director of Service Delivery to sit on a panel of judges for 2019’s “The Next Launch” competition. The Next Launch is a business idea competition hosted by the Ron Rubin School of Entrepreneurship at Culver Academies. This year, there […]

Level Up Development Announces Alyn Brown as the Vice President of the Connected Devices Division

Alyn Brown to Lead the New Hardware Development Division of Level Up Development (Indianapolis, IN, February 13, 2019) Level Up Development (LUD), an Indianapolis-based custom software and hardware development company, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Alyn Brown. Alyn joins the Level Up Development team as the Vice President of Connected Devices. “Alyn […]

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