Streamline & Automate your Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform.

Does your organization spend too much time juggling the complexities of managing your cloud infrastructure? Then, Terraform may be the solution for you. Terraform makes managing your cloud infrastructure a breeze—no more headaches, no more manual configurations, and no more wasting precious time. Welcome to the world of Terraform, the game-changing tool that will revolutionize […]

How Open AI’s ChatGPT & Whisper APIs Can Revolutionize Your Products or Services

ChatGPT is not just a quirky internet chatbot. It’s a robust, AI-driven natural language processing solution that can streamline various experiences. ChatGPT’s ability to understand and generate human-like text enables you to create innovative solutions, save time and resources, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in your respective industry. Let’s explore some the ChatGPT API […]

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Applications Demystified

When handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI), you’re required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA.) Here we’ll guide you through all the steps to find a HIPAA-compliant cloud host, sign a Business Associate Agreement with them, and create the documentation, policies, and procedures you’ll need to […]

What is Custom Software Development and Why is it More Important Then Ever [ 2023 ]

Custom Software Development, what is it? Let’s start with defining Custom Software Development as the process of creating software specifically designed and developed to meet a business’s unique needs. On the other hand, SaaS or UI/UX template box solutions are designed to serve general requirements for a business. This is often why most SaaS applications […]

Digital Transformation is the Key to Your Future

It’s no longer a buzzword, Digital Transformation is a vital part of your company’s success. Organizations will not survive if they do not evolve to meet the digital expectations of their customers and employees. A recap for those unfamiliar with Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation, in it’s purest form, is simply updating the way your business […]

Three Key Considerations for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation, in its simplest form, is updating the way you work to remove the need for paper. Digital transformation is at the top of everyone’s agenda as of late with companies starting to understand the importance of a robust digital toolkit and infrastructure while transitioning, and in some cases, struggling to adapt to a […]

How Blockchains can Enhance Food Safety & Quality

You’ve probably heard a lot about Blockchain over the last few years. It’s what drives cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but what does Blockchain do? Put simply; a Blockchain is like a shared record of transactions that ensures the security, decentralization, and transparency of information. Because of these benefits, Blockchain Technology promises to revolutionize most industries ranging […]

Redux with React – a beautiful couple.

The beauty of using a framework like React is the reusability of its components. This makes React a great choice when you need a UI that is capable of changing certain aspects dynamically, while still re-using components across the application… a few examples would be buttons, form elements, re-used layout components, and anything else you […]

Level Up Development Judges @ Culver’s “The Next Launch” Competition.

Level Up Development was pleased to send Alyn Brown, VP of Connected Devices, and Karine Jannetta, Director of Service Delivery to sit on a panel of judges for 2019’s “The Next Launch” competition. The Next Launch is a business idea competition hosted by the Ron Rubin School of Entrepreneurship at Culver Academies. This year, there […]

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