Is your Agile Process Lacking? What can OKRs do?

The ever-changing list of priorities and synchronizing with company goals. These are some of the biggest challenges for any Agile software development team. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a framework called “Objectives and Key Results,” also known as OKRs. And how they align teams through Qualitative and Quantitative goals. Combining the practice of […]

Redux with React – a beautiful couple.

The beauty of using a framework like React is the reusability of its components. This makes React a great choice when you need a UI that is capable of changing certain aspects dynamically, while still re-using components across the application… a few examples would be buttons, form elements, re-used layout components, and anything else you […]

Design Thinking – Seeing the world from your audiences perspective.

The typical – Design Thinking – designing for a target audience that you know nothing about. During a recent project we were faced with designing for a target audience that we knew nothing about. This is where Design Thinking excels. Especially when it involves new ways of solving problems. Design Thinking is a mindset that […]

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