Innovation through AWS Beanstalk

Innovation through AWS Beanstalk

Value through lowering the total overall cost of custom application owenership.

Enter Elastic Beanstalk one of AWS’s many cloud services. Cloud services such as beanstalk help enterprises manage the ever-increasing pace of change in the tech world. New innovations appear every day, and every organization must be able to leverage these innovations – as well as scale them as they go from Proof of Concept to production.

In the past…

An organization would make larger upfront investments in hardware for their internal data centers. These data centers were costly upfront investments as well as monthly. When you start factoring in what it takes to keep these data centers running – you starting adding costs like power, cooling, system engineers, support engineers, daily backups, disaster recovery, etc.. These large investments made running innovative POCs costly and only a game for the rich and famous.

Fast forward to today.

Some believe that migrating to the cloud has some hidden costs when factoring time and security into the overall objective. This is something that needs to be considered before making a larger investment into cloud technology. Testing out your next generation of services on something like AWS is the best way to get your feet wet. Not only will you start to understand its capabilities but also its limitations based on your current PoC needs. For example, if you are exploring creating an Alexa Skill you may find that it’s lingustics modeler LEX leaves much to desire. We would recommend using Microsoft’s LUIS for this task. This can be done with a straight forward integration into the MS Bot framework.

Understanding something like this doesnt occur until you start prototyping. By taking the leap not only will you be innovating but potentially unlocking the door for other benefits a cloud based infrastrucutre offers.

Cloud based infrastrucutre can significantly reduce the costs of activities like server setup, scalability and release management. Since backups and disaster recovery setup is included as part of the platform, we can further reduce the amount of labor costs associated with the support of the application.

Cloud services like AWS Beanstalk allow innovation within any organization regardless of size.

Rather than requiring large upfront costs, AWS Beanstalk delivers a much lower upfront, in some cases free cost of entery into the game of innovation. By using Amazon Web Services your building a proof-of-concept in a stable enviroment with limetless reach. Regardless if that innovation is within the mobile, conversational, web, connected device world AWS large echosystem of services can get any proof of concept up and running with very little infrastructre cost.

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