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Software Development as a Service

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From innovation to optimization.

Free of silos and hierarchies, we get work done!

Why Software Development as a Service?

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

Team Flexibility - Software Development as a Service Highlight

High Performing Team

It’s like have the A-Team at your disposal. No searching or training needed.

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Full Service Concierge

Level Up Development hand selects your team based on skills needed to build your solution. Our Service Delivery Managers are the concierges of the Custom Development world.

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No Silos

The expert(s) you need when you need them. During different phases of a project certain specialties are not needed as much or at all. Our service is designed to move people on and off your solution as needed.

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Development Tools and Tracking

All training, licensing, configuration and integrations of design and development tools are handled in the background. In additional to tools our data driven development process gives you an all-inclusive look into all the daily activities of our SDaaS team. You’ll never be left wondering when something is going to be delivered.

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Agile Design and Development Sprints

Our full scrum teams consist of Solution Architects, Product Designers, Engineers, SQAs (manual and automated), DevOps, DB Admins, Scrum Masters and Service Delivery Managers.

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Predictable and Cost Effective

No more back and forth with procurement!

You provide the objectives and we’ll build the solution.

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Software Development As a Service includes a hand selected team of industry experts, a proven development process and the tools needed for a modern remote development team.

  1. We’ll start by working together to define the objectives will release over the coming months.
  2. Then our design team we’ll dive into any relevant information to solve the challenge.
  3. Next, our team will start the design and architecture phase.
  4. Once the initial design assets are created and verified from a customer and business perspective we’ll move into the building phase.
  5. Starting the build phase we’ll iterate unitl the intial launch features are complete.
  6. While iterating we’ll constantly work with your business and external users to validate functionality and audience engagement.
  7. Finally, once all the MVP features are completed we’ll set a launch date.
  8. After Launch, we’ll analyze the solution to see whether or not the business objectives are being met in the wild.

Level Up Development’s Product Development Process

Our unique software development process enusres your new project is started on a solid foundation.

Level Up Development's Product Development Process

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