Blockchain in Healthcare: Powering NextGen Home Care Solutions

The use of mobile monitoring devices and applications promises to be a valuable resource for our future healthcare. Two-thirds of major US hospitals already offer mobile apps. However, with the lack of security and efficiency of these current apps, we have yet to scratch the surface of mobile healthcare’s potential. True mobile healthcare will allow […]

How Leveraging Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Healthcare Management

Blockchain technology is already disrupting and improving industries ranging from finance to food production and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Last week we shared our thoughts on how blockchain technology is enhancing the overall patient experience in healthcare by providing quicker, more secure and transparent payment methods (read more here).  In […]

How Blockchain is Improving Healthcare Payment Management

Blockchain has already disrupted how we pay for everyday goods through cryptocurrencies like USDC and Tether, but it’s also revolutionizing how payments in the healthcare industry are being handled. Why? One in three Americans are currently unhappy with the patient billing process, but now with blockchain technology that process can be significantly quicker, easier and […]

How Blockchains can Enhance Food Safety & Quality

You’ve probably heard a lot about Blockchain over the last few years. It’s what drives cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but what does Blockchain do? Put simply; a Blockchain is like a shared record of transactions that ensures the security, decentralization, and transparency of information. Because of these benefits, Blockchain Technology promises to revolutionize most industries ranging […]

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