Company Profile:

Navistar, a Fortune 500 company, is a leader in the trucks and other vehicles industry. With 16,269 employees, Navistar’s commitment to innovation, safety, and environmental stewardship through its formal Product Stewardship program highlights its role as a forward-thinking organization.


Industry: Trucks & Other Vehicles

Size: 13,000+ employees

Automating Raw Data Analysis for Enhanced Vehicle Safety

Improving warranty and claims data analysis to enhance vehicle safety and efficiency.
Custom Software – Developed applications for efficient data analysis and tracking of defective parts.
.NET, Windows Application, Web Application
Increased safety, efficiency, and responsiveness through improved data analysis capabilities.

The Challenge:

Streamlining the exhaustive process of warranty and claims data analysis to uphold their vision of excellence and safety.

At Navistar, the safety of vehicle parts is paramount. The Parts and Warranty and Claims division is essential to the company’s success, necessitating efficient tools for identifying and addressing defective parts. Traditionally, preparing data for analysis involved time-consuming manual steps, hindering efficiency.

Solution Overview:

Level Up Development introduced a novel web application, integrating seamlessly with Navistar’s warranty data repository. This solution expedites the data analysis process, offering robust search and filter capabilities, and simplifies data exportation for further analysis and distribution.

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Dramatically increased data accessibility and responsiveness.
  • Enhanced product quality through immediate identification and inspection of defective parts.
  • Streamlined analysis of vendor contracts against performance, ensuring high-quality manufacturing standards.


“We have a lot of contact with Level Up staff and conduct tests as things are developed. You can find out right away if things are going in the right direction or not. They generate ideas that you didn’t think of before, which you then can incorporate into the development instead of going back and redoing something later.”

“I’d recommend Level Up. They’re easy to work with, they can get the job done, and they’re willing to work with you.”

– Andy Minteer, Senior Business Process Manager


Navistar’s partnership with Level Up Development, renowned for their .NET development and usability expertise, has been transformative. Through agile development methodologies, this collaboration has fostered innovation, ensuring Navistar’s systems not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Navistar International’s commitment to leveraging innovative solutions like automated raw data analysis exemplifies their dedication to safety and manufacturing excellence. Through strategic partnerships and technological advancements, Navistar continues to redefine industry standards, ensuring the highest safety and quality of vehicle parts.

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