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Salesforce and Level Up Development: Navigating Compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

Canada’s largest bank needed to comply with CASL for email marketing, facing potential $10M fines.
Salesforce and Level Up developed a web solution to automate CASL compliance for email marketing.
C#, SOQL, React, Javascript, REST and SOAP
Automated CASL compliance solution enhances email marketing, mitigates risk, and ensures operational efficiency for Canada’s bank.

The Challenge:

When Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) came into effect in 2014, it brought about a seismic shift in how businesses could legally communicate with their customers through electronic channels. For Canada’s largest bank, a Salesforce client, this meant ensuring compliance across an expansive network of email recipients, a task complicated by the continuous addition of new contacts and the stringent requirements of CASL. With potential fines for non-compliance reaching up to $10 million, the stakes were high. The bank faced the monumental task of revising its entire email marketing strategy to ensure every message sent was fully compliant, a challenge made even more daunting by the looming deadline and the bank’s vast scale of operations.

Solution Overview:

In response, Salesforce engaged Level Up Development, a partner renowned for its ability to deliver custom tech solutions under tight deadlines. The collaboration led to the creation of a sophisticated web-based solution focused on automating the process of consent verification, integrating seamlessly with the bank’s existing CRM systems to ensure all communications were in strict adherence to CASL guidelines.

Benefits of the Solution:

The solution crafted by Level Up Development offered the bank several transformative advantages:

  • Automated Consent Management: The system provided a hands-off approach to managing tens of thousands of consents, significantly reducing manual workload and margin for error.
  • Seamless System Integration: Designed to complement existing CRM platforms, the solution ensured that the bank’s daily operations were uninterrupted and efficient.
  • Risk Mitigation: By ensuring all email communications met CASL standards, the bank protected itself against the risk of substantial fines.
  • Future-proof Compliance: The scalable nature of the solution meant that it could easily adapt to future regulatory changes or expansions in the bank’s operations.


“In the middle of development, things happen. It’s a normal part of the project life cycle. So it’s important to have good collaboration as a team, and we have that. I’m really looking forward to working with Level Up in the future.”

“It’s not rocket science. When you know you have a good team, you use them.”

– Vera Cvetkovic, Senior Program Manager of Global Services


The successful implementation of this CASL compliance solution marked a significant milestone for Canada’s largest bank, allowing it to navigate the complexities of the new law without disrupting its marketing initiatives. This project highlighted the power of collaborative innovation between Salesforce, Level Up Development, and the bank, delivering a robust solution that not only addressed the immediate compliance challenge but also equipped the bank with a system capable of adapting to future regulatory changes. This case study serves as a benchmark for other financial institutions facing similar legal and operational challenges, demonstrating the effectiveness of technology-driven solutions in ensuring regulatory compliance..

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