Digital Transformation is the Key to Your Future

Digital Transformation is the Key to Your Future

It’s no longer a buzzword, Digital Transformation is a vital part of your company’s success.

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Organizations will not survive if they do not evolve to meet the digital expectations of their customers and employees.

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A recap for those unfamiliar with Digital Transformation.

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Digital Transformation, in it’s purest form, is simply updating the way your business operates to eliminate the need for paper, i.e., going digital.

But perhaps the more common definition of digital transformation is the use of new, digital technology to solve business problems and replacing manual bottlenecks and paper-based processes with digitally enabled automated ones.

Digital Transformation is breaking down departmental silos to streamline communications and processes that allow for easy sharing and data flow. All of which enable a business to operate more efficiently and innovate quickly.

And maybe most importantly, Digital Transformation is the process of adapting your business to the digital world to make it more competitive and resilient, and enable you to be the disruptor, not the disrupted, through new revenue streams or improved existing ones.

Is Digital Transformation right for my business?

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Perhaps the better question is, ‘can my company afford not to pursue it’s Digital Transformation initiatives?’

Digital technology touches all companies regardless of size or industry, and every department – HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Recruiting, Sales, Leadership, Support, etc. – each has their own set of unique jobs and pains that need to be overcome in order to build a scalable, holistic process that enables company growth.

Digital Transformation helps you overcome the bottlenecks that hold these departments back by breaking down the silos that stall communication and data sharing to enable seamless workflows for each department at every level of your company.

Looking at the events of COVID, many companies were left scrambling and stranded because of their inability to provide a cohesive and secure remote working environment. However, those that had already improved their digital space were able to outcompete others by not missing a beat as they transitioned to remote work, and it’s clear to see which companies invested in their digital infrastructure and those that didn’t.

With the pandemic, all companies, have become, or will need to become tech-enabled companies in order to remain competitive and relevant, and it starts with a strong digital strategy that allows for rapid transformation and innovation.

Why it’s necessary?

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Business will never be the same again.

A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit.

The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.

Now that a majority of employees are working remotely, new habits and behaviors are being formed that will impact how work gets done beyond the pandemic.  Employee expectations will change and their opportunity to work remotely doesn’t limit them to companies within their geographical locations, making it a job seekers market.  Employers that don’t enable their employees through digital technologies will lose out on hiring and retaining top talent.

New behaviors and habits also mean new consumer experiences and expectations.  And in a world after COVID, companies that are failing to keep up with innovation will be focused on always playing catch-up, instead of leading the way.

Digital Transformation should disrupt your customers, not your business.

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Digital Transformation is a disruptive process but it shouldn’t disrupt your company. Instead, it should take your company to the next level, make it more robust, and help drive revenue through new opportunities or improving existing ones.

Your Digital Transformation journey can seem like a daunting one. It doesnt have to be. It should be an enlightening experience.

To show you how to get started and stay on the right path, we’ve created the “Digital Transformation: Getting started on the right path” playbook free for download.

The Playbook dives into key areas to help you:

  1. Understand the inner workings of your personnel
  2. Understand how your teams work together
  3. An overall view of your teams and systems
  4. The true value each team brings to your organization

Need Help?

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Looking for more?

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Check out our previous posts like Key considerations for your Digital Transformation journey to learn about best practices to keep in mind throughout your transformation.

The success of any organization ultimately comes down to a few critical decisions, let investing in your digital space be one of the key moments in your organization’s success.

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