At Level Up Development, we build custom, reliable and secure multifaceted web applications to increase efficiency, automate business processes and achieve higher revenue growth.

How? We integrate your business needs and users’ personas for robust, user-friendly platforms tailored to your specific needs and existing technology. The result: all your data interacts seamlessly, saving time, increasing productivity and reducing errors significantly.

A number of advantages make investing in a web-based application an ideal choice. Modern web apps are your base station for operations, your “strategic hub,” if you will.

Even if you’re not sure whether a web app is better choice than a native app, we can help you make the right choice for your company. (Meanwhile, check out Custom Mobile Application Development for information on native applications.)

Some advantages of web applications:

  • Easier, Quicker Updates Users of a native app have to monitor and install updates themselves. User-friendly web apps let the creators install updates for all users instantly. You’ll know that everyone is using the same version, and users will avoid the time, effort and frustration of updates.
  • Availability and Accessibility – A web application opens up accessibility to all users, who can access information and enter data anywhere, any time. And a customizable e-commerce solution means your customers can impulse buy!
  • Cross-Platform Utilization Those users who can access your web app anywhere, any time can also do so from any platform and any device: smart phone, tablet or computer. No hassle!

Common scenarios for web applications include:

  • Department-Specific Applications. Typically created from a previously built Access database or multiple spreadsheets, custom web apps improve efficiency, remove error-prone manual processes and open the doors to new ideas.
  • Custom eCommerce Platforms. Think of Moo Cards. Web apps turned a traditional printing company into 100% online transactions.
  • Start-ups. Have an idea that will disrupt a market segment? Web applications are a great platform to build from for flexibility and security.

How do I get started if a web app is the right direction for me?

Starting a new web application project doesn’t have to be intimidating! Level Up Development experts will educate and guide you along the way no matter what phase of the process you’re in.

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