Blockchain in Healthcare: Powering NextGen Home Care Solutions

Blockchain in Healthcare: Powering NextGen Home Care Solutions

The use of mobile monitoring devices and applications promises to be a valuable resource for our future healthcare.

Two-thirds of major US hospitals already offer mobile apps.

However, with the lack of security and efficiency of these current apps, we have yet to scratch the surface of mobile healthcare’s potential.

True mobile healthcare will allow patients to securely get in contact with healthcare professionals at the touch of a button and, with the help of 5G, patients with pre-diagnosed conditions could be better monitored at home while also receiving treatments remotely.

In a world where urgent questions can be answered almost instantly, and emergency procedures can be carried out remotely, the health and safety of everyone improves thanks to blockchain technology.

Blockchain is also driving innovation and improving the medical supply chain.

Already in most industries, organizations are recognizing how the blockchain network can profoundly improve efficiency and security within existing supply chains and giants like Amazon and Walmart are already taking full advantage of the technology.

In healthcare, the consequences of providing the wrong medicine or faulty equipment can be massive, but blockchain is helping to limit (or eliminate all together) these logistical, potentially life-threatening mistakes caused by faulty supply chains.

Medical supply chains are extremely complex with various suppliers and multiple tiers of inspections that involve many different parties, but blockchain provides us a clear pathway through that complexity and gives us transparency at every step.

Lastly, implementing blockchain technology in healthcare allows a patient to see exactly where their medical equipment has come from and what a fair price is, helping overcome one of the leading reasons patients are unhappy with the current healthcare system.

The revolution of medical supply chains will benefit both the healthcare providers by increasing security and efficiency and the patient by improving overall transparency.

So, how will you take advantage of Blockchain to better the healthcare experience of your patients?

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