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A Level Up Development Success Story: Platform Development

Transformative Innovation in Health Care


My job is to build systems that keep people alive.

ODI – Director of Product

ODI works hand in hand with doctors to understand how to better serve them and their patients. Because of this ODI does relies on custom software development parnters. Finding the right partner was crucial becuase of the unique demands faced within hospital environments.

Finding a partner within the health-care industry without sacrafficing innovation, security and quality was a significant challenge.

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Creative, flexible, collaborative, transparent and knowledgable. That’s the standard we hold ourselves to, and what you should expect when you partner with Level Up Development.

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With Level Up Development as your software and or hardware solution partner, you’ll be equipped to conquer any business challenge. We use “partner” intentionally. We’re not just a vendor. We are a software development company committed to moving you closer to success as you define it. We are dedicated to being the business partner you tell your friends about.

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TRIPP – Transparency, Reliability, Ingenuity, Inquisitive, Passionate

We’re more than a solutions – special ops – on demand team with the expertise to execute your project to perfection. We’re also innovators, visionaries and designers. Trust us to take your vision to the next level. Here’s how we hit high marks with our clients … again and again.


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Every organization and its people and experience are unique. When building a custom solution it is of the utmost importance to be as transparent as one can possibly be. Transparency is the only way to take an idea from the brain of another and turn it into reality.


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Trust starts with reliability.


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We take pride knowing that we can unwind and solve just about any problem.


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Our nature is to dig below the surface of a problem to understand it inside out. Any solution that is going to succeed is a solution marketed, designed, and developed to solve a true pain point.


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We love what we do and it shows in our work.

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