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Organized chaos is a podcast for entrepreneurs and innovators who want to hear from other entrepreneurs and innovators about the art of product strategy and development as well as the ensuing chaos of managing a product roadmap.



Episode 4 – John LaRoy – CEO of Apparel Redefined & NOMOS – The Importance of Design and Strategy

In this episode, Eric is joined by John Laroy, CEO of Apparel Redefined. Apparel Redefined is on a mission to redefine and revolutionize the contract apparel decorator market.

Listen as they discuss John’s journey into custom apparel, the opportunities he noticed in an industry primed for disruption, and what led him to create their industry-leading sales and inventory management system, nomos.


Episode 3 – Kevin MacCauley – CEO of Upper Hand – Taking the Jump

In our third episode, Eric Marshall CEO of Level Up Development is joined by Kevin MacCauley founder and CEO of Upper Hand. Upper Hand’s software is reinventing the way business is done with its forward-thinking technology aimed at boosting productivity, increasing client satisfaction, and growing revenue streams for sports and fitness businesses.

Listen as they dive into how Kevin came up with the original vision for Upper Hand and how he decided to take the jump and pursue building what he was passionate about.


Episode 2 – Heather Hanson Docket’s Head of Product – Product Ownership

In our second episode, Eric is joined by the prolific Heather Hanson, head of product for Docket. Docket is an award-winning SaaS application dedicated to making meetings awesome. The Docket platform helps organizations prep, organize, and create focus and alignment to get so much more out of their meetings.

We will explore how she helped shape the product vision to what she regards as one of the most important functions of a product owner.


Episode 1 – Lindsay Tjepkema CEO of Casted – Minimum Viable Product

For our inaugural episode, we had the privilege to talk with Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and Co-Founder of Casted. We discuss her background and journey to starting Casted and how she and her team determined what the MVP of their platform would look like at launch.

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