Alpha Blocks – Headless Infrastructure.

Level Up Development's UI/UX Service Separator

Why the need for a Headless Infrastructure?

Alpha Blocks headless architecture delivers your solutions information via a RESTful API that comprises of solution services, back-end data model via a cloud-based infrastructure.

Since the platform is not tightly coupled with the back-end, your solution can deliver things like content, locations, products and payment gateways: to smartwatches, kiosk screens, chatbots, and everything in between with little to no changes.

Alpha Blocks - Deliver Digital Solutions Faster

Rapid Development

Business Plan


Development Tools Included
Deployed Solutions Unlimited
React Apple Framework Included
React Android Framework Included
React Web Framework Included
Machine Learning Optional
Bandwidth 75GB /month
Serverless Functions 75k messages per month
API Gateway 75k messages per month
Blob Storage 200GB
Structured Storage 50GB
Unstructured Storage 200GB
AI Hosting Optional


Identity Manager 500 User Per Month – Included
Push Notifications 10,000
CMS Included
Text Messages Optional
AI Chat Optional
Integration Services Optional
Real-Time Video Optional
Location Awarness Optional
IoT Integration Optional
Solution Analytics Basic

Presentation Layer

IoT Theme Included w. IoT Integration Services
Web App Admin Portal Theme Included
Location Based App Theme Included w. Location Awarness Services
More Themes Coming Soon
Form Submissions 500 per month

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