GIE 2019 – What to expect from tech.

GIE 2019 – What to expect from tech.

GIE EXPO - What to expect from tech

The age of disruption is here.

Technology is moving faster than ever; new developments are coming out at an incredible rate. We have watched this for years with electronic devices such as computers and smartphones, and with cars. A new smartphone today is an exponential improvement from a smartphone seven years ago. The same with technology in cars.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Industry is finally on the brink of a technology revolution! For years we have seen OEMs and component suppliers dabble with adding technology to outdoor power equipment products.

Past Innovations:

  • The engine manufacturers have EFI engines that have been around for a while.
  • Battery-powered handhelds and battery-powered commercial mowers have been increasing in popularity.
  • Every year we see a couple of entries into the field of remote-control mowers and autonomous machines.
  • A few OEMs have released Bluetooth connectivity of their mowers to Smart Phones.
  • Electronically controlled hydrostatic drive systems are now available.

What signals indicate a tech explosion soon?

  • Environmental Concerns – People want lower emissions and quieter machines
  • The cost of electronic components and hardware is being driven down by other industries.
  • Consumers and buyers expect technology. Technology is on everything that we touch today, and it is no longer limited to some niche market.
  • OEM’s and component supply companies are recognizing that they have to design their machines for the operator and are starting to embrace the concept of human experience design.

Based on this, what tech can we expect at GIE this year?

  • We will see more commercial and residential all-electric offerings.
  • There will be a hybrid machine this year.
  • There will be more autonomous machines, and some of them may even work.
  • There will be the IoT (Internet of Things) Connected mowers at the show. They will include technology that helps with maintenance and other functionality.
  • There will be more advanced displays and touch controls on the machines.

What am I excited about seeing?

Hopefully, we’ll see some improvements to the machine-human interface that we’ve been seeing in all other industries. I want to see equipment that’s easier to use and easier to service.

We can’t wait to see what GIE 2019 has ready for us! Look for us wearing our Level Up Development gear 🙂

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