Digital Design and Solution Strategy in an essential piece in the Digital Transformation process.

Level Up Development’s Digital Design group provides tactical guidance for business decisions, product roadmap development, and technical implementations that lead to cost effective, intuitive and innovative solutions that scale.

Level Up delivers Customer and Business Digital Transformation through a similar paradigm visualized in the Gartner Business Model Guide to Digital Business Transformation.

Gartner 2018- Use Business Models to Guide Digital Business Transformation

To achieve this Level Up Development has created a unique process based on Lean Techniques, Design-Thinking, Agile Methodologies and Dev/Ops.

The Level Up process guides you from Value Proposition through Capabilities; From Understanding to Release and Optimize.

  • Understand – Solution Strategy
  • Design – Brand Experience (BX)
  • Design – Usability Research & Testing
  • Design – Accessibility
  • Build & Release – Design and Technical Sprints
  • Optimize

At it’s heart it’s about telling a story and visualizing the challenges and goals of the solution.

Solution Strategy

We’ve helped everyone from startup’s to Fortune 500 companies achieve their goals and it all start’s with understanding the long and short term objectives.

Our Solution Strategy Process walks you through:

  • Defining or refining your solution’s opportunities and your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) release objectives.
  • Understanding your competition.
  • Improving the Audience Experience.
  • Managing your solution’s life-cycle through qualitative backlog grooming.
  • Choosing the right technical services and frameworks in the beginning to create a saleable solution.
  • Building the solution ecosystem and a comprehensive roadmap.
  • Strategizing both the design and development phases of your project.

Level Up Development’s Audience to Business Design Canvas (ABDC) walks you through a simple process that uncovers the core ingredients of a solution that successfully connects audience and enterprise needs.

Brand Experience (BX)

Ensuring your brand takes center stage across all of your Digital Transformation projects is an essential piece of the customer experience (CX).

Brand Experience helps your audience connect with you at a deeper level.
The simplest way to sum it up:

  • Brand: Your core values, personality, and why your organization chose to solve the challenges it solves in the way it chose to solve them.
  • The Experience: Walking the walk. If marketing is selling life simplification services with joyous tone your app experience should make someone feel the way they did when they signed up.

Usability Research & Testing

We partner with our clients to design and build solutions that address real audience needs. Our emphasis on Human-Centered/Design Thinking processes helps us dial into the true usage patterns of our audience. Uncovering how your audience perceives your new solution offer the insights needed to build process maps simplifying the task(s) at hand. Simplifying an important task in someones life helps build deeper relationships with your solution.

Core Techniques used during Usability Research & Testing:

  • Audience Personas and Journey Maps: These insights are used to understand how people are actually interacting with the solution. This information is mapped back to both the Organization’s and Client’s objectives and roadmaps to promote future success.
  • Interactive Prototyping: Level Up uses Interactive Prototyping to get direct and representative feedback from real designs of possible solutions. We use a heuristic process to see the audience in their environment, be it a phone in the bathroom, computer by the pool, or IoT devices in field, we place a prototype where our audience will most likely be; using your solution in a more representative environment.


Good accessibility enhances a product’s usability for everyone. We go beyond surface level visuals to optimize experiences for a variety of audiences.

Level UP can perform accessibility audits of iOS, Android, and Web apps. These audits provide a detailed report on any issues along with suggested mitigations based on industry, certification and/or regulation.

Thanks to our ongoing work with an organizations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act we help the visually impaired navigate solutions through screen readers such as JAWS.

Design and Technical Sprints

Our process of adding gates to our design tasks give us the ability to thoroughly investigate the customer experience pieces at the right time.

Running Design and Technical Sprints together keeps the engineering team evolved from the beginning. This is a mistake made by many organizations leading to the creation of the new silos in the work place (Development and Design)

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