Redux with React – a beautiful couple.

The beauty of using a framework like React is the reusability of its components. This makes React a great choice when you need a UI that is capable of changing certain aspects dynamically, while still re-using components across the application… a few examples would be buttons, form elements, re-used layout components, and anything else you […]

7 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Mobile App

Have you considered that a mobile app might be the first time that a customer interacts with your brand? We all know that mobile devices are ubiquitous. For most of us, our mobile phone is our only phone and for some, the mobile phone is the only device. More than ever, your brand is being […]

Native app vs Web app; which choice is best for your organization?

“Should we build a native app or a mobile web app?”, is typically the first question asked when starting the journey into mobile application development. This overview is dedicated to helping you answer that question. Let’s take a look at your choices.    Pure Native Applications This method of development is built specifically for a […]

Debugging External Devices using Visual Studio

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could debug a web project in Visual Studio from an external device, like a mobile app or another computer? While it is is not possible for Visual Studio’s built-in development web server to accept any requests other than those addressed to localhost, IIS Express integrates with Visual Studio and […]

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