Innovation through AWS Beanstalk

Value through lowering the total overall cost of custom application owenership. Enter Elastic Beanstalk one of AWS’s many cloud services. Cloud services such as beanstalk help enterprises manage the ever-increasing pace of change in the tech world. New innovations appear every day, and every organization must be able to leverage these innovations – as well […]

Fixing “This transport isn’t implemented” Git error in Visual Studio

When developing an application nothing is more frustrating than not being able to accomplish your task because of a random error. Well this configuration issue caused enough trouble and I’m taking it could do the same for you. So here you are the solution to the “This transport isn’t implemented” Git error in Visual Studio […]

What you need to know about the new ASP.NET vNext Runtimes!

The latest version of ASP.NET, vNext, will come with 3 runtimes; the Full Runtime, Cloud-Optimized Core CLR, and the Cross-Platform Runtime. Choosing the right one matters but shouldn’t cause a scare. Here’s why: The vNext Full Runtime is 100% compatible with legacy applications. You can upgrade to vNext today without making any changes. vNext Core […]

TypeScript – For the Object-Oriented JavaScript Developer

Have you ever wanted to open a lightbox, do an animation with a div appearing after that animation loads, hit a restful API to return data, and then show the data inside the lightbox, and in that order? Well, with just vanilla JavaScript, you would find yourself writing a mess of deferred promises, functions with […]

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