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The experts at Level Up Development will navigate your organization through the complex technology decisions behind today’s connected devices and distributed systems. We’re experts at architecting a seamless user experience whether we’re tasked with an end to end solution or just part of it.

Connected Device Growth in the 21st century.

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Digital transformation is here, and organizations have realized that it’s the only way to remain competitive in the 21st century.

Level Up Development has been helping organizations take advantage of the opportunities that the digital transformation has presented by helping our clients quickly, and efficiently take their products and machines to the next level.

The success of any Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) device is dependent on the consistency of its connectivity – both to the cloud and other devices. Level Up Development provides specialized M2M/IoT development services, including embedded software, cross-platform apps integrated databases, leveraging our developers’ years of experience and networking best practices. Assuming that your organization is one that wants to stay ahead of the trend, have you really thought about what it takes to turn your products into IoT devices? What does it mean to have a “Connected Device” and what does it take to get there?

Some ideas on how your company can generate new lines of revenue through IoT technologies.

Operational Data and Efficiency

Operational Data and Efficiency

By turning your machines and devices into Connected Devices, you will be able to collect data in ways that were never before possible.
⚙ How are your Machines being used? How much fuel is being consumed?
⚙ How much vibration do they experience?
⚙ What are the actual forces being experienced by the operator on a per use basis?
⚙ Are they being run efficiently?
⚙ How much fuel do you use per job site?
⚙ How would switching to full electric impact your operation?
⚙ If you are running full electric, how much is it actually costing you?

Automatic Report Generation

Automatic Report Generation

Connected devices will give your customers the opportunity to save money and increase efficiency by automating reporting. Customers may be able to take advantage of automating regulatory reporting based on their Connected Device usage and even be set up to link directly to existing systems such as billing and scheduling software.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Connected Devices will allow real-time maintenance monitoring and notifications to become a reality. Your Connected Device can transmit use data directly to the cloud where advanced algorithms can calculate when maintenance is required based on the actual use of the Connected Device. Increased time between failures, and decreased downtime will translate directly into increase revenue for the users. No more guessing at maintenance or basing maintenance on a date. The Connected Device will tell you when it needs maintenance.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Once the use data has been collected from the Connected Device, we can start using the data in creative ways. We can start using the data to predict failures by integrating AI based systems to analyze the data and start making predictions. There will also be data use possibilities that we haven’t even thought of yet. What if we start comparing use data to weather data to find out how your Connected Device performs based on the weather? Maybe we start comparing your Connected Device use data to the price of fuel? Or use data, combined with geographical data, compared with economic data, compared with political data. Once we have the data available, the possibilities are endless.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

This has been around for years for Fleet Tracking, but with the increased proliferation of IoT devices the capability is now a reality for your Connected Device. Your users and managers will know exactly where the Connected device is, and how it is being used at any time.

Connected Retail

Connected Retail

I have talked to a lot of dealers, and one of the concerns that dealers all seem to have is that they are losing sales of their devices, sales of maintenance and repair parts, and sales of services to online retailers. Users of the machines are ordering more of their parts from online sources and doing more of their maintenance outside of dealer networks. By creating the connection to the device and to the end user, the OEM’s and the dealers now have direct access to the end user or the manager of the equipment!



Let’s face it, accidents happen. We all know that accidents occur with many machines, and sometimes they are unavoidable, but there are ways that the IoT technologies can help. The Connected Device can tell what it is doing and where it is located. It also will know if it the Connected Device has experienced a severe impact, has had a roll over event or has flipped. This information can be used to trigger emergency calls ore request help. A panic button feature could also be added to allow the user to request assistance in an emergency situation.

Our experts will guide you through every step of the decision matrix.

We will help your organization choose the right combination of hardware and infrastructure to ensure your solution’s functionality is secure, stable and data flow is reliable and uninterrupted: among devices, applications and the Internet.

We work in sprints.

Small modular incremental improvements delivered quickly that take into account all the aspects of the solution.

Choose your methodology.

Mode 1 (Design all, Develop and Release) and Mode 2 (Design Areas, Develop, Release and Repeat) Methodologies.

A balanced agile approach.

A Skilled Agile Team with deep experience in integrations, cloud and analytics.

No reworking necessary.

Our Methodology ensures the right technology is selected in the beginning (Helping remove the work refactor from the project plan.)

Focusing full circle product.

Balancing business and audience needs through our Lean and Agile processes.

Transparancy matters.

Shared Data across the entire organization. Keeping Security at the forefront of all the design and architecture decisions.

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Let's create something amazing.

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