New Partnership Announcement: Level Up enters the golf world with Stick & Hack.

New Partnership Announcement: Level Up enters the golf world with Stick & Hack.

Stick and Hack

The Level Up team is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Stick & Hack.  We will be pairing our expertise in product design and development with their passion and knowledge of the golf world to create a one-of-a-kind digital golf community.

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Stick and Hack

Before we dive too far into exactly what we will be creating together, it’s important you know who Stick & Hack is and their mission.


As with many other legendary companies, Stick & Hack was founded by two folks sitting at a bar discussing a shared interest and ways it could be improved.

The common interest? Golf.  How to improve it?  Make it more inclusive and accessible.

So, they decided to build the world’s greatest golf club… without the course.

And thus, the Stick & Hack platform was born as a place for members from all walks of life; sticks to hacks, to share in their love of the game through engaging and original content.

Partnership Mission: Expand the Stick & Hack Platform

While golf is the common denominator for building this community, the people are the focal point.

The Stick & Hack team understands that as a people-first platform they need to continuously innovate in order to best engage with their members and meet them where they are currently, as well as where they are going (hint: mobile).

They also noticed something missing from other golf platforms – human connection.  With their expanded platform, Stick & Hack will focus on the importance of human connection in the golf world by bringing golfers together in a centralized space with all the resources needed to curate the world’s greatest golf community without the course.

While all of us here at Level Up are hacks in every sense of the word when it comes to golf, what we lack on the course we make up for in front of our computers. We are stoked to share our Product Development expertise with Stick & Hack and bring this platform to life.


Stay up to date become a Stick & Hack member (it’s free) and maybe you’ll even get a sneak peek of the new platform.

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